It’s finally here!

The long awaited premiere of the most beautiful book promoting Polish apple culture.

A perfect gift idea for kitchen lovers and for fans of magical stories from Polish orchards. Look for it in select bookstores.

Why is there a drop of Polish juice in every apple drink in the world? How to steal the apple’s health and beauty according to Slavic beliefs? Why does cider taste different every year? What is Slavic gymnastics? And why isn’t nature actually debated? Apples is an album that answers these and many other questions. It is a celebration of taste, seduces with the magic of plants, brings closer the Slavic rituals, mysteries and games in the Polish apple culture. It contains over 20 recipes for apple inspirations, reports on fascinating seekers of wild apple trees, stories about Slavic beliefs, but also practical advice on how to become an orchardist and become friends with … bees.

Let your imagination run wild and enter the world of Applebee’s! Dance swaggeringly at the Apple Festival, eat and drink our apple specialties, feel the wind in your hair and the grass under your bare feet in the orchard.

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