Poles – Apple Orchards Whisperers

The acreage of orchards is the highest in Europe. We rank as the 1st producer of apples in Europe and 4th in the world.
Did you know that a drop of polish apple juice is present in every apple beverage sold around the world?

Our apples are considered to be exceptionally tasty, ecological and highly suitable for processing. It is not surprising, therefore, that Poland exports approximately 1 million tons of this green-and-red treasure.

The polish climate is ideal for growing apples. They also get exceptional care from their growers. The orchards are expanding and the orchardists, who follow traditional ways of farming, look to improve the varieties and maintain their large number. They also avoid artificial fertilisers which makes Polish apples sought after and appreciated globally.

Tasty facts about polish apples and… Poles!
  • Poland is known as the largest orchard of Europe.
  • Polish orchardists are highly qualified and use a combination of traditional, natural, and modern ways of growing apples.
  • Due to its geographical location Poland is the perfect place for apples to grow. The climate allows for a minimal amount of pesticides whilst warm days followed by cold nights season the apples improving their flavour.
  • Polish apples are unique as they are being treated in a unique way. Polish orchardists are caring, provident, creative and hard working. They pour their heart into their work.
  • Polish apples are the best for pancakes, apple pies, drinks and as dehydrated snacks. Unquestionable!
  • The Energy of the sun is locked within every apple fruit. And we know how to use it during the autumn and winter months. Our national secret for enduring these cold, short, and grey days.
  • Apples were present in Poland basically from the moment the country was born. Our tradition of apple growing is nearly 1000 years old!
  • We are self-sufficient. We know how to preserve, store, and best use apples.
  • We like to and know how to cook and bake deliciously in order to obtain the best qualities from our apples. And good food, coupled with eating in good company, is the key to building bridges between generations of Poles.
  • Polish people are family oriented and very welcoming, which is why the recipes for preparing Polish apples are appreciated by all, regardless of age.