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Jabłonki is the season from the start of May, when apple orchards blossom, until September when the trees bend under the weight of juicy apples. It is then, with music and food, that we celebrate the best of Poland: nature, beauty and Polish tastes.

Rejoice, be merry, enjoy, taste

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Bitamina | Jabłonki – Niech no tylko zakwitną jabłonie


Świat nie jest taki zły. A gdy na drzewkach pysznią się i czerwienią gotowe do zbioru soczyste owoce, z każdym dniem wydaje się piękniejszy. Zapraszamy na ucztę dla zmysłów. Przed państwem oficjalny przebój Festiwalu #Jabłonki Swawole 2021!

Jabłonki „I love you, my love” – Maanam & The Dumplings

Listen to the story of The Three Apple Sisters – beautiful, slender, and mysterious – who for centuries practiced their magical powers in Polish orchards. It is down to their charm, love of nature, and care that Polish apples became a treat sought after around the world by many. Also listen to the story of the Polish orchardist who, inspired by the legend of the Three Sisters, pours his heart and soul, knowledge and care, into his craftsmanship, so that when the harvest time comes he will be able to, once gain, find within his orchard the real treasure of the Polish land – apples whose quality, flavour, and looks are superior to any other.

And so, on September 28, we celebrate the Apple Season, grateful to nature and Polish orchardists, and grateful for the bounty which falls upon us each year from Polish apple trees.

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of the three sisters
and their secret of ethernal youth

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In the city

During September Orchard Celebrations a true banquet awaits those who are willing to partake. At that time restaurants are preparing menus filled with seasonal dishes where apples play the main part. If you think that an apple pie is the most that can be squeezed out from an ordinary apple then think again! Taste the lovely creamed apple soup with parsnip, almonds, and truffle oil. Where can you try that? Check out our partners!

In the orchard

There is no place more charming than an orchard full of ripe apples on a crisp September morning. Private walk, picnic for two or maybe with a larger party? Or perhaps a full blown celebration with laughter, conversations, dancing? It all depends on you. And remember – whatever happens in an orchard stays in an orchard!

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Warsaw restaurants join in the Orchard Celebrations #Jabłonki

Najbardziej intrygujący utwór tego lata!

Oui chef



Warsaw restaurants join in the Orchard Celebrations #Jabłonki

K Mag Magazyn

The Dumplings cover the famous Maanam hit. And all for a good cause!


The Dumplings covering "Kocham cię, kochanie moje" by Maanam. Curious how it sounds as a more electronic version?

Sady Ogrody

#Jabłonki – fascinating initiative promoting Poland abroad

Nowy marketing

The Dumplings performing an intriguing cover in connection to the #Jabłonki campaign


The Dumplings perform a fantastic cover of the classic Maanam hit

Echo dnia

Apple Food Truck by the Vistula in Sandomierz on Sunday. Lots of treats to be tasted!

All about music

The Dumplings covering a Maanam hit

Show off your culinary talents! Prepare a sweet or savoury dish with the use of apples.

The apple trees atlas

Learn about the legendary Polish apples.

Apple Orchards Whisperers

Why is the Polish apple the best?

The largest orchard of Europe

Polish apples in numbers

In Greek mythology

a tree covered with golden apples was a symbol of fertility and immortality.

Golden Apple

When the world was ruled by emperors, kings, and tzars, a golden apple constituted a royal insignia symbolising power over the entire world. The ruler would hold it in his right hand, close to their heart.

Love Fortune

Apples were also used to determine whether one should be lucky in love. In Poland a particular fortune telling connected with apples and love was popular on St Catherine and St Andrew’s night – one had to peel an apple so that to obtain the longest apple peel possible. It was then thrown down and the letter of the alphabet it would resemble was to be the first letter of the name of the future spouse.

Symbol of Sin

In the Christian tradition an apple is a symbol of sin – the fruit picked against the will of the Creator in the garden of Eden by Eve. It is interesting to note that the Bible does not talk about an apple. It uses the word ‘fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil’. The fruit started to be depicted in the form of an apple in medieval and renaissance paintings, probably in connection with the pagan fertility rituals that were strongly connected with apples.

Are apples evil?

In Latin, the word ‘apple’ is easily confused with the word ‘evil’, completely in contrary to the nature of this wonderful fruit

Where does it trot to at night…

Hedgehogs do not carry apples on their backs, as it is commonly depicted. It is an old myth and the motif of a hedgehog carrying an apple dates as far back as ancient times. You can also come across it in medieval sources.

Newton’s apple

If it wasn’t for an apple falling on Newton’s head he’d never have come up with the theory of gravity. Of course we are talking about a legend. It is possible, however, that observation of apples falling off the trees inspired the scientist to begin his research.

To the fairest of them all

An apple is also known as a source of conflict. Just like the one inscribed with „to the fairest of them all” which was thrown by the goddess Eris on Thetis’s wedding reception in front of Hera, Aphrodite, and Athena. The incident went as far as being referred to the Olympus with the intervention of Zeus proving indispensable. The entire commotion around ‘the apple of discord’ lead to the Trojan war.


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