Soon. Jabłonki Food & Music Apple Festival

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Warsaw is celebrating in the name of the apple – The Jabłonki Swawole Food and Music festival will take place on September 18th.

A unique event will take place on Warsaw’s Poniatówka beach on September 18th – the first edition of the Jabłonki Swawole Food and Music Festival. The participants will get to enjoy some great food, concerts and theatrical performances. The event is part of the #Jabłonki campaign, promoting the brand of Poland through one of its most cherished symbols – the apple.

Why are we celebrating Jabłonki?

#Jabłonki is a unique time when, in the name of apples and the height of the apple harvest season, we celebrate what is best in our country – indulging in fun with good music, delicious food, while in the picturesque surroundings of nature. The Jabłonki Food and Music Festival is an opportunity to have fun while paying tribute to our great apples. This year’s event is the first edition and it will take place on September 18th at the Poniatówka beach by the Vistula River in central Warsaw.

Culinary indulgence at the beach

Throughout the day, there will be a number of festival attractions associated with apples at the beach – a chillout zone, some great DJs and a market with dishes made out of apples (and other delicacies). Festival-goers will also be able to visit a special stand presenting the idea of the #Jabłonki campaign and, among other things, take part in the pre-premiere of the very special book “Jabłonki” dedicated to the magic of Polish flavors and rituals.

Musical attractions and spectacular surprises

In the evening, festival participants will be able to enjoy concerts and theater shows. The bands Bitamina and Afromental will be performing the main acts. Bitamina was behind the popular song promoting this year’s edition of #Jabłonki – with a fresh and intriguing cover of the great hit “Let the apple trees bloom”.

The uniqueness of the concerts will be coupled with a special theatrical spectacle, recounting the legend of Jabłonki and the lighting of the fiery sun on the Vistula, crowning the celebrations.

Have fun, frolic, taste, enjoy – celebrate with us the time of Jabłonki.

The Jabłonki Swawole Food and Music Festival is part of a campaign promoting the brand of Poland through the symbolism offered by apples. The organizers of the event encourage you to take part and celebrate #Jabłonki in various ways – you can see the full list of apple events on our interactive Swawole map. Admission to the festival on September 18th is free – additionally, it will also be possible to download one of a thousand QR codes available that will give particpants a commemorative wristband and some apple juice or apple cider.

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