IGO & NATALIA SZROEDER | Jabłonki. I want to dance all night with you.

Immerse yourself in the world of Jabłonki, a world of unusual rhythms, tastes and smells. Come with us to celebrate Polish nature and culture with music and food.
Here’s our new music video sung and recorded especially for the Jabłonki Swawole Food & Music Apple Festival, which will take place this summer in 3 picturesque Polish cities – Toruń, Giżycko and Sandomierz

Jabłonki „I love you, my love” – Maanam & The Dumplings

Listen to the story of The Three Apple Sisters – beautiful, slender, and mysterious – who for centuries practiced their magical powers in Polish orchards. It is down to their charm, love of nature, and care that Polish apples became a treat sought after around the world by many. Also listen to the story of the Polish orchardist who, inspired by the legend of the Three Sisters, pours his heart and soul, knowledge and care, into his craftsmanship, so that when the harvest time comes he will be able to, once gain, find within his orchard the real treasure of the Polish land – apples whose quality, flavour, and looks are superior to any other.

And so, on September 28, we celebrate the Apple Season, grateful to nature and Polish orchardists, and grateful for the bounty which falls upon us each year from Polish apple trees.

Bitamina | Jabłonki – Niech no tylko zakwitną jabłonie

The world is not so bad. And when the luscious fruits appear proud and red on the trees, ready to be picked, the world seems to become more beautiful by the day. We invite you to a feast for the senses. Behold the official hit of the #Jabłonki Swawole 2021 Festival!


Old myths, passions, and legendary flavours have come back to life centuries after falling into oblivion. The magic of Polish orchards has finally shown its power, and the Polish apple has conquered the hearts and palates of those who let themselves be carried away by the unfettered frolicking. Don’t believe it? Just listen to this extraordinary story.


When the apple trees bloomed and the first fruits appeared last year, we launched the Jabłonki Swawole Festival. On this occasion, a special seasonal apple menu was adopted by many Warsaw restaurants. Nobody expected it to be possible to create so many different, extremely creative and delicious dishes on the basis of a Polish apple. This year we want to celebrate just as spectacularly, so we invite restaurants to join us in celebrating Jabłonki and add their events to the interactive Jabłonki map.

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